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Chair Servicing

Single Chair Service
  • Initial consultation to establish, chair age and specification.
  • Chair will be collected from your premises and brought to our premises for an inspection.
  • Following inspection, we will contact you with details of any parts that need replacing.
  • Upon authorisation we will repair/fit any parts and also give the chair a thorough clean to keep the chair in top condition.
  • The chair will then be returned to your premises, along with reminder to end user of features and correct setup.

    • Multiple Chairs
      This service is also available for multiple chairs, this would be charged at a daily rate. A spread sheet would be provided to identify and allow correct relocation of all chairs to the original end users.

      If required we are also able to carry out chair servicing on site, to reduce the amount of time the chair is away. However, we can generally do better by bringing it back to our workshop as we have the parts and tools available. Alternatively we can provide a rental charge for a nominal fee whilst the chair is away.

      It is also worth bearing in mind that all of the new chairs we supply have a manufacturer's warranty on chair parts subject to "fair wear and tear". Some of our suppliers such as Rh, HAG and Axia have a 10 year warranty on parts (not labour). If you think your chair is within warranty, please contact us so we can verify this for you.


      Please note, this service is only available within the Yorkshire region.

Chair Adjustment Service

Too often we visit users and they are unaware of what adjustments their chair has, or how to adjust the chair to suit them. This then can lead to them feeling that the chair is not supportive. Sometimes all they need is the chair adjusting.

The chair adjustment service involves visiting the user and firstly showing that what adjustments their chair has and then informing them of how to best adjust this for them.

This service is only available locally-please contact us on 01904 471095 or email to enquire.

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