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Lundia History

Lundia was established in 1985 and is a family owned and run business.

We supply a wide range of products including: -
  • Office, industrial and laboratory seating;
  • Height adjustable desks;
  • Storage solutions;
  • Desktop accessories including keyboards, mice and document holders;
  • Laptop workstation solutions including stands and rollerbags;
  • Display Screen Equipment assessments;
  • Equipment installation and set up;
  • Portable posture aids for travelling and home use;

In 2011 we became a limited company. Our Company number is 03665125.

Our Mission Statement

Lundia provides products and services designed to improve the quality of life for our customers and improve the productivity of their businesses through:

o Provision of office seating designed to fit the end user.
o Provision of desks where standing and sitting are options.
o Improvement of office productivity through ergonomically designed products.
o Space saving options for shelving systems and meeting tables.
o Assessment of workstation setup to minimise health and safety risk.

In order to achieve this mission Lundia has the following core values:

1. Quality Products- Provide defect-free products first time which are fit for purpose.
2. Friendly Face- Personally respond quickly to all enquiries and always provide the best advice.
3. Business Longevity- Provide adequate profit to ensure business longevity so that guarantees can be honoured.
4. No Negative Impact on the Planet- Environmental sustainability to ensure non-degradation of the planet.


Lundia recognises the positive impact we can have on communities and charities where we operate - i.e. volunteer programmes, charity donations and regeneration projects.

Where we are now...

o Support for local charities: Shipton Pre-school & Toddlers Group, Ward 24 (Neurology / Stroke) of Bradford Royal Infirmary, London Parks marathon charity half marathon completed by staff member, Yorkshire Air Ambulance, St Monica's Hospital in Easingwold, SASH (Preventing Youth Homelessness), CLIC Sargent, Leeds Children's Hospital, Welburn Community Defibrillator, Leeds Care- Neonatal Unit at Leeds General Infirmary

Where we are going?
o We will continue to support charities within the areas we operate.
o Allow our employees one paid day of leave per year to work on community and volunteer programmes.

Business Performance

We want to ensure a financially stable environment for all employees, customers and suppliers via successful and profitable trading performances.

We provide quality and fit-for-purpose products that customers can rely on to help them improve their quality of life and performance of their business.

Where we are now...
After 37 years of business we have built a reputation for quality and exceptional service. This commenced primarily with domestic customers and is now a diverse mix of domestic customers, commercial and public organisations.

Where we are going?
o We will continue to invest in people, training and improvements.
o We want to develop and nurture long term relationships to better understand the customers we supply to provide a more comprehensive and proactive service, and specialised products.
o Reduce our Carbon Footprint significantly within the next 5 years.


We understand the importance of reducing our impact on the environment. Some of the steps we are taking to reduce our footprint include:

  • Where possible we re-use cardboard and other packaging to pack the items we send out to you.
  • We are now almost paperless. Unfortuately there are sitll some things we need to use paper for. Where this is the case we will be transitioning to recycled paper.
  • We ensure that our deliveries are organised as efficiently as possible to avoid multiple trips in veihcles.
  • Where possible we try to give a chair a second life by re-using old chair parts rather than these going to landfill.
  • All recyclable material used in the office (paper, plastics, glass and tins) is recycled.
  • Where possible we encourage car sharing to the office.

Responsible Employer

Our aim is to create a positive and safe culture in which to work, where each individual is respected. We value everyone's contribution irrespective of age, sex, disability, sexual orientation, race or belief.

Where we are now...
o Flexible working is offered to all employees
o We support employees with help in achieving professional qualifications

Where we are going?
o Further develop the learning and development programmes
o Ensure that we all strive for the highest levels of safety possible
o An appraisal system for all employees
o Sponsoring employees in challenging sporting ventures.

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