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Andrea- York

I work for up to 10 hours a day at my desk and so I recently invested in a hydraulic desk and ergonomic chair from Lundia. Both are fantastic and mean that I am sitting in a better position and can alternate between sitting and standing with ease. Sarah was fantastic, giving us all the advice and information necessary with no pressure. I bought the same models that they use in their office and I am very happy with them. It's quite a costly investment but the quality is fantastic and I would certainly recommend them to anyone who works for long hours at a desk. A great buy from a great company!

Mark- York

Many thanks for all your help! We're very pleased with everything. Thanks to Stewart and the rest of the team!

H Greenwood

"Lundia have provided me with all of the equipment needed to supply my office. Service has been exceptional, and they have allowed me to have items on extended loan to try out before purchase, to ensure they suited my requirements. The team are lovely to deal with and Dave has made several trips to our house to deliver and collect items, all done with a friendly and practical approach. Would have no hestitation in recommending using Lundia."

EA- York

The first item I bought from Lundia seven years ago was an ergonomic chair (RH logic). I use it every day and it is impeccable, even after all this time. I've bought a few other things from Lundia over the years and everything works wonderfully well. I bought an adjustable desk recently and the quality is also excellent - it is clearly made to last, it's comfortable and it looks lovely. The Lundia staff offer wonderful service; they have a huge amount of expertise and they go out of their way to help and offer advice. The showroom is easy to find, and it is possible to try things out before buying. Truly a fantastic company.

Jonathan- Height adjustable desk

I’m really pleased with the desk so far! The service has been excellent, as was the installation. In fact, the whole process was superb – and I will have no hesitation in recommending you and the Conset brand.

Carol - North Yorkshire

Lundia, run by the very pleasant Stewart and Sarah, were a huge help in the selection of the correct seating and desk arrangement for my needs. Even with my tight budget, they were able to lend me a chair to try at home, recommend a local osteopath, give invaluable and genuine advice, in addition to making every effort to fit into my busy schedules. They couldn't have been more helpful.
I am delighted with my new hydraulic office desk and new chair and I have no more back pain when working.

Many Thanks Lundia.

John - York

"I recently refitted my office on the advice of my physiotherapist. I went to Lundia on her recommendation. There, I met Stewart and Sarah who listened to my requirements and gave me sensible, professional advice.

They were not pushy but they were helpful. They expedited the delivery and installation of my order which was achieved with the help of Dave.

What I now have for an office is a big improvement.
Lundia gave me excellent service and I am happy to give them the strongest recommendation."


Karen - Salli Stool

Well.... How easy was it to order a chair from you?
Superbly easy! Delivered and sat on it. Let's see if the product is as good as the distributor!
10/10 so far for customer service.

Richard H

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to you. I've just had the comfiest day at work EVER !! Your chair is the best thing since sliced bread without doubt. I shall never again waste time sitting on an uncomfortable chair (& suffering the back problems caused as a result).

Paula B- Ilkley

My new electric height adjustable desk is the most awesome piece of kit I have ever bought!! It's going to do wonders for my recovery.

Julie C- Bradford

My new chair, sliding desk and mouse have improved my neck considerably and my lower back feels much more comfortable. I wish I'd asked years ago ! Thank you again

Clive P-Leeds

Please thank everyone for being incredibly helpful and spending time on us this afternoon - we really appreciated the friendliness, courtesy and help we received. It's the personal touch which counts!

Simon H- Manchester

My new office chairs make it possible for me to sit at my desk for long periods and get plenty of work done in comfort. However, getting into the habit of raising my desk to stand and work for about half an hour before my back pain kicks in has resulted in it going away almost completely. I am now much more active, both in and out of work, but also far more productive - so business is going from strength to strength!

Peter L- York

It’s amazing how over the years you come to take things for granted. Like thousands of others I spend too long at my desk staring at a PC in a chair that seemed liked a good idea ten years ago. The resultant neck, shoulder and lower back pain I attributed to anno domini and not observing a New Year’s resolution to go to the gym.

When my physiotherapist suggested a change of chair might improve matters, I was doubtful, and deterred by the relatively high cost of an orthopedically designed chair. Three things changed my mind:
the tremendous quality of the RH range of chairs;
the depth of understanding and help from Lundia staff; and
a grant from Access to Work for the full reimbursement of costs.
Three months down the track I can honestly report a marked reduction in the aches and pains described above. I am conscious of improved posture and feel comfortable at my desk. I can’t be certain, but I feel this positively influences my work. Even if I had had to pay for the chair, I feel it would have been an excellent investment.

Scarborough Sixth Form College

Lundia reacted quickly and positively to our request for price quotes and lead times for the Marko flexi 90 tables. Both the lead time and price were good enough to secure the contract. We were very pleased with the service we received and the quality of the product which services our requirement, in a space which may have to be re-arranged more than once in a day.

Katherine- York

We used to replace our control room chairs annually, costing us about £400 each year. Lundia explained to us that by spending more initially we could actually save money in the long run due to the 5 year warranty offered.

Not only have we saved money but we've got a more durable and comfortable control room chair!


I have had Lundia shelves for about 30 years, I brought them with me to the UK from Iceland in 1997. They were bought over there in 1985 and have followed me ever since.

In my experience, nothing comes close to the Lundia system in terms of strength, durability, flexibility, and quality. Very, very good shelving system.

Veronica- York

I am absolutely thrilled with the shelving units which you put
together for me today - can't stop looking at them - they certainly
enhance the living space.
Thank you most sincerely I am looking forward to seeing them in full use.
August 2018

Isobel- Pickering

I have had a chair from Lundia since approximately 2004. This chair has kept
going on and on and has only had 1 repair in this time. I would highly
recommend Lundia. It represents long term good value for money.

Denise, York

An excellent all round experience from highly knowledgeable advice on selecting the correct home office chair for my needs to contactless delivery after the pandemic struck. The chair itself has made an immediate difference to my posture and general well being at the end of a day at my desk. Highly recommended. Denise, York.

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