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Ergotron Workfit-LX Sit-Stand Desk Mount System

Ergotron Workfit-LX Sit-Stand Desk Mount System

The Ergotron Workfit LX Sit-Stand workstation allows your to choose exactly where you put your monitor and your keyboard as you sit or stand.

  • Ergotron LX has quiet adjustment and offers 20" (51cm) of vertical lift and 62" (157cm) of sideways motions.
  • Compact footprint and will fit tight areas including corner workstations.
  • Easily move the LX arm to choose the right focal distance between the keyboard and screen.
  • Stable and solid metal design lets you avoid tipping or swap whilst working.
  • Weight capacity of 3.2-11.3kg.
  • Fits monitors up to 42".
  • 360 degree pan and rotation.
  • 5 Year Warranty on parts.
  • Polished Aluminium.
  • Part number 45-405-026.

    • Lead time approxiamtely 2-3 weeks

Price:455.00 (546.00 Including VAT at 20%)


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