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Ergotron Workfit- TL Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation

Ergotron Workfit- TL Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation

The Ergotron workfit-TL sit stand unit allows you to create a sit-stand workstation, by just placing the unit on top of your existing desk.
There are various similar products around, we have found the quality, design and longer warranty of the workfit-TL to be the best.

Product Specification
  • The Workfit-TL features a larger keyboard tray, wider worksurface and higher weight capacity than the Workfit-T.
  • Provides 38cm of vertical adjustment.
  • Extremely stable and solid platform.
  • Suitable for Screens up to 30".
  • Capacity: 4.5-18.1kg.
  • Displays can be placed directly on the work surface. Alternatively monitor mounting kits are available, see optional extras below.
  • Instantly move to sit or stand: simply release hand brake levers on either side of the unit to position the surface higher or lower.
  • Works well in corner desk configurations; fits on surfaces as shallow as 468m.
  • Ships fully assembled- the Workfit-TL sits directly on top of your desk, no mounting or tool-adjustments required for installation.
  • Full 5 year warranty.

    • Benefits of Workfit-TL over other sit-stand units
      • Higher quality components materials which allows Ergotron to offer a full 5 year warranty.
      • Ergonomic handles for easy adjustment, no leaning over the unit required.
      • Space-saving design does not protrude beyond tabletop- No need to walk back into the person behind you as you raise the unit.

        • Further information
          • Footprint: 95x59cm.
          • Fits on desk surfaces 61cm deep or larger.
          • Keyboard tray dimension: 69x28cm.
          • Product weight: 25.5kg.
          • Shipping dimensions: 107x85x21cm.
          • Shipping weight: 28.2kg.

    Price:555.00 (666.00 Including VAT at 20%)

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