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Contour Unimouse

Contour Unimouse

Contour UnimouseContour UnimouseContour UnimouseContour Unimouse
Contour UnimouseContour Unimouse

The Contour Unimouse has high adjustability, allowing you to tailor its features to fit your hand.

  • Adjustable body angle, permitting tilt anywhere between 35 and 70 degrees.
  • Allows you to vary your mouse position throughout the working day, reducing strain.
  • The adjustable thumb support positions your hand, to reduce gripping and pinching.
  • Contured palm support gives your hand full control and relaxes the click action.
  • State of the art sensor, provides seamless performance on almost any surface.
  • 10 cursor speed selections.
  • Six programmable buttons.
  • Available wired or wireless.
  • PC and MAC Compatible.

Price:79.99 (95.99 Including VAT at 20%)

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