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Variér Thatsit stool with backrest

Varir Thatsit stool  with backrest

When you sit on a Thatsit you'll use the wooden runners to distribute your body weight. This automatically straightens up and balances the spine properly over the pelvis. Using the shape of the runners the body weight will regulate the position of the chair and the height-adjustable knee pads will prevent the body from sliding forwards.

Thatsit offers a variety of different sitting positions to move between. All of the positions are stress free for the body and maximise on overall comfort. The adjustable backrest turns the Thatsit is a versatile chair that can be used in an office/studio or living room. Thatsit is ideal for people who have to sit for long periods of time either at home or work. There is a version available with no backrest; please contact us for details of this option.

Height 50-51cm
Width 50cm
Length 82-90cm

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Once ordered, we will contact you to determine the colour of your chair fabric.

Price: 790.83 (949.00 Including VAT at 20%)

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