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Variér Gravity Balans

Varir Gravity Balans

Variér Gravity BalansVariér Gravity BalansVariér Gravity Balans

Experience the incredible lightness of zero gravity.
  • Sit, relax or fully recline with the versatile Varir gravity Balans.
  • Totally relax into zero gravity weightlessness and enjoy the subtle movement as the chair becomes one with our breathing wehn fully reclined.
  • With the support of the backrest and adjustable neck rest, your body is perfectly cradled.
  • When upright the chair tilts the pelvis forward and encourages a neautral, upright spine which activates and strengthens abdominal and back muscles.
  • Varir Gravity frame available in natural or black lacquered ash.

    • We will send you an email once an order is received to check your fabric and colour choice with you.

Price: 1,505.00 (1,806.00 Including VAT at 20%)

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