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Variér Actulum chair

Varir Actulum chair

The Varier Actulum is an all-rounder that meets the body’s need for movement and variation in any situation where you might find yourself seated by a table. Suitable for individual workstations, in conference and dining rooms alike,

Varier Actulum chair is as versatile as it is comfortable.
Initiating movement when seated on Actulum is effortless.
Tilt forward or lean back, and the curved wooden runners create a pendulum movement responding to your body’s natural inclinations. Actulum features a slim backrest with a flexible joint, which purpose is to accommodate the largest possible number of sitting positions. The upholstered back and seat cushions provide a soft surface, without taking away from the chair’s airy expression.
  • Available in Natural or Black Lacquered Ask Frame.
  • Please contact the office for fabric types and colours.

    Price: 540.83 (649.00 Including VAT at 20%)

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