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Salli Twin Saddle Stool

Salli Twin Saddle Stool

Cool, healthy and comfortable especially for men.

  • Two-part seat
  • Fixed gap
  • Height adjustment
  • Seat available with or without tilt adjustment
  • Suitable for weights up to 120 kg (18.9 stone).
  • 10 Year Warranty.

    • Advantages of a split saddle seat:
      • Healthy and painless back and neck. Because you can keep the back straight the natural curves of the back remain and the spine is in its natural position.. The upper body and muscles can remain relaxed.
      • Deeper Breathing.Makes the circulation in the head function better, resulting in fewer headaches, and more energy.
      • Well-functioning digestion. The intestine is not pressed the way it is when you sit in a slouched position.
      • Good circulation and lymph flow. The wide 135 degree angles in the knees and hips enables undisturbed lymph flow and circulation.

Price: 495.00 (594.00 Including VAT at 20%)

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