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All About Lundia Shelving

The History of Lundia Shelving

In 1946 Harald Lundqvist (a carpenter) discovered a self-tensioning principle which enabled components to be held together. He appplied these principles to a timber shelving range which resulted in incredible strength and durability.
Harald patented this system in 40 different countries and created the Lundia brand as we know it today.

  • We continue to supply the original Lundia shelving system, as it remains environmentally friendly, versatile, durable and fully compatible with past installations.
  • Lundia's range of modular shelving is highly customisable, so you can maximise space utilisation.
  • The wood shelving is fully adjustable, ready to use, and easy to install.
  • The system is easily reconfigured and modified for easy downsizing or expanding of your storage facilities.

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