RH Logic 300 Chair

Chair Dimensions:
Seat Height- 410-530mm
Seat Pan Width- 457mm
Seat Pan Depth- 465mm with 100mm of adjustment on seat slide
Backrest Width- 440mm
Backrest Height- 510mm
XL Seat Dimensions- width 505mm, depth 490mm

The RH Logic 300 chair is an evolution of the successful RH Logic 3. Their design is inspired by the human form, and by two joints in particular - the knee and the hip. RH call it the two point principle. You will notice the effect as soon as you sit down.

First of all, the vertical movement of the front of the seat is minimal when leaning backward or forward. Your feet always remain in contact with the floor, minimising the pressure against the underside of your thighs, which eliminates numbness due to restricted blood circulation.
Secondly, the backrest height remains constant, regardless of the seat angle. Consequently, the lumbar support is always in the correct position, which helps facilitate an upright posture.
The backrest narrows towards the top to allow greater freedom of movement for the arms.
The RH logic 300 and RH logic 400 chairs have a ten year guarantee on parts and are tested in accordance with BS 5459: (2000): Part 2, EN-1335 1,2,3 and TCO O4 Office Furniture 2004, and have received the FIRA awards for "Ergonomic Excellence".