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Neo-Flex Notebook Lift Stand

Neo-Flex Notebook Lift Stand

Neo-Flex Notebook Lift StandNeo-Flex Notebook Lift StandNeo-Flex Notebook Lift Stand

This Neoflex stand’s six-inch (15 cm) motion range offers true ergonomic adjustment - lift and tilt a laptop’s screen to eye-level and increase comfort and productivity.

  • Just add an external keyboard and get the comfort of a full desktop computer system with notebook portability.
  • Smooth one-step lift and tilt functionality promotes true ergonomic viewing.
  • Create a productive dual-display configuration by placing your notebooks screen alongside an LCD.
  • Vented platform allows for cooling air flow.
  • Integrated base rollers enable 360 rotation of the stand so you can share your views with others.
  • Superior technical design enables use with or without a port replicator.
  • Easy to use - simple installation and effortless operation.

Price:75.00 (90.00 Including VAT at 20%)

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