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Le Bloc 2 Monitor Stand

Le Bloc 2 Monitor Stand

Le Bloc 2 Monitor StandLe Bloc 2 Monitor Stand

Designed specifically for conventional CRT monitors up to 17" these stands offer a fully adjustable, safe and economical means to achieve the correct screen height at work stations.

  • Le Bloc 2 monitor raiser facilitates adjustment in 5cm increments.
  • The correct screen height can be attained by stacking multiples of Le Bloc 1, multiples of Le Bloc 2 or multiples using a combination of the two which is generally the preferred option.
  • For use with CRT monitors up to 17".
  • Dimensions: 290x 290 x 50mm.
  • Fully compatible with Vu-Ryte document holders.

Price:11.50 (13.80 Including VAT at 20%)

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